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New Releases for 2014– 2015!
The FJH Music Company is thrilled to present our new orchestra publications for 2014–2015, including music for both string and full orchestra! As always, we have included a wide array of styles ranging from beginning groups to advanced orchestras. Our new full orchestra series features works at grade 3, and includes optional instrumentation for full concert band should you wish to combine your band and string groups (note that these works are not playable by concert band alone). For more advanced groups, our new symphony orchestra series features works at grade 4 and higher.

2014– 2015 New Releases
2014– 2015 Highlight Reel
For directors who enjoy listening in the car or on the go, we are thrilled to provide narrated excerpts of our catalog. Stream them online or download them and take them with you anywhere!
Measures of Success® for String Orchestra
A Comprehensive Musicianship String Method.
New Directions® for Strings extraordinary and unique string method

String Orchestra
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FJH Beginning Strings (Grade 1 – 1.5)
Appropriate for first year string students. All instruments stay in first position, and optional third violin (viola) parts and piano are included to aid in rehearsal and performance situations.

Real Music for Beginning Strings (Grade 1 – 1.5)
This series includes novelty pieces which are appropriate within the first several months of instruction. Violin 2 parts tend to double the viola, so you don't need to split up your violin section to cover the parts. All pieces come with a piano part to add musical support.

FJH Developing Strings (Grade 2 – 2.5)
Slightly more advanced than Beginning Strings, this series begins to involve more position work and a slightly more complex rhythmic figures. Rehearsal piano is often provided. Ideal for middle school and smaller high school programs.

FJH String Orchestra (Grade 3 and up)
More emphasis on bow technique and independence of lines. For the accomplished middle, high school, college, or professional group.


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