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Everybody’s Guitar Assignment Book and More!
Including a Weekly “Power Play”
(Fun Things to Play, Cool Things to Learn)
Compiled by Philip Groeber

G1057 / 5.95


  • 48 Lesson Assignment Pages
  • Lots of room for Teacher and Student Comments
  • Five-line staff with Tablature and Blank Chord diagrams for each lesson
  • Helpful Hints on How to Practice
  • Chart of the Natural Notes in First Position (with Tablature)
  • Guitar Fingerboard Chart (up to the 13th fret)
  • Chart of the Circle of Fifths

This new FJH guitar assignment book has a little twist, each lesson page contains a unique Power Play Box, with fun things to play and cool things to learn. The fun things to play include a variety of great-sounding riffs, chord progressions, strumming patterns, examples to study, etc. The cool things to learn cover topics like: Guitar Size for Your Size, The Fingertips on My Fretting Hand Hurt!, Which Way Is Up?, Keyboards 101, and many, many more. Several classical guitar topics are also included. A new guitar student will be able to play all of the music examples in the first year of study.

Most of the topics in this book came up during actual guitar lessons with the hundreds of student I have taught throughout my career. Students often ask really good questions that aren’t answered in their method book; well here they are! In this new book guitar teachers will find so many interesting things to talk to their students about that Everybody’s Guitar Assignment Book and More! could become the subject matter of several lessons in itself. Use the book however you see fit. Learn and have fun at the same time!




Everybody's Ukulele Method, Book 1
"Ukulele Mike" Lynch and Philip Groeber

G1049 / 11.95

George Harrison (Beatles), Paul McCartney (Beatles), Jason Mraz, Bette Midler, Elvis Presley, Bob Seger, Jake Shimabukuro (a young ukulele virtuoso, see him on YouTube), and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), have all played the ukulele; you can too!

The ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn how to play, and the most fun! Using Everybody's Ukulele Method, you will learn to play a few simple melodies using tablature and standard music notation, strum some easy to-play chords, and make music, fast! Listen to the recordings to be sure that you are on track or just play along with the tracks to have fun. Either way, you win. Learn to create music on your own and have fun while doing it!

Ukulele Mike is one of the foremost proponents of the ukulele in popular music today. Seen and followed by literally thousands of people globally through his highly acclaimed “Ukulele Mike” YouTube instructional videos, Mike travels world wide to do workshops and clinics on the ukulele.




Everybody’s Jazz Guitar Method
Mark Tonelli and Philip Groeber

G1047 / 14.95

Everybody’s Jazz Guitar Method is a step-by-step approach that makes playing jazz on the guitar easy and fun! The careful pacing of the material provides exactly what jazz guitar instructional materials needs, an approach that makes students eager to turn the page to see what happens next. This comprehensive book instructs students in the need-to-know concepts of jazz: rhythm, swing, syncopation, jazz chord voicings, jazz theory, improvisation and interaction. The CD is an integral part of this innovative method providing: comping patterns, accompaniments by a live, professional jazz trio, opportunities for improvisation, and “call and response” practice.

Book 1 Features:

  • Four major components of jazz: Rhythm, Harmony, Improvisation, and Interaction
  • Icons that tell students what the authors would say if they were at the lesson and the “inside tips” on playing jazz. Just Jazz, Improve your Improv, and Light-Bulb Moment icons supply insight and help students make connections to the music
  • Jazz Theory is presented in an easy to understand format
  • Extensive improvisation study on the ii-V-I chord progression with CD

View the companion website for additional materials!




Everybody's Guitar Tablature Method with CD
A Step-By Step Approach
by Philip Groeber, David Hoge, and Rey Sanchez

G1048 / 24.95

Everybody's Guitar Tablature Method is a step-by-step approach that makes learning to play any type of guitar not only easy, but fun! This comprehensive 112 page book incorporates easy-to-follow tablature with material from the best-selling Everybody's Guitar Method Books 1 and 2. It also includes many new songs and techniques in a wide variety of musical styles such as rock, blues, folk, country, jazz, classical, and world music. The careful pacing of the material reflects the vast teaching experience of the authors. A beautifully orchestrated CD complements this innovative method, now with tablature!
Rock, Jazz, and Blues Contains numerous songs and riffs with the contemporary sounds that today's guitarists want to play.
Step-By-Step Approach Learning new material is now fun and easy for beginning students, with or without a teacher.
Tips and Techniques The pros give their advice that will improve melody (lead guitar) and harmony (rhythm guitar) performance skills.
Compact Disc 99 tracks of carefully crafted orchestrations that let you play with the band.
Various Musical Styles Everybody's favorite styles of music are covered in one book.

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